Grande Cosmetics

NOT ALL GrandeLASH-MD™ & Grande Cosmetics products SOLD ONLINE ARE AUTHENTIC.
We have recently become aware of counterfeit retailers selling GrandeLASH™-MD on Amazon, eBay, and Groupon. We are informing our valued customers that we are aware of this problem and it is being resolved. Counterfeit GrandeLASH™–MD is NOT clinically tested for SAFETY or EFFICACY as our authentic GrandeLASH™-MD products are. We put our product line through rigorous testing for the safety of our customers—and offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. For products sold on Amazon, eBay, Groupon or from Non-Authorized Retailers, Grande Cosmetics will NOT honour our money-back guarantee. We recommend that you use caution in buying products, especially products are used on the eyes and eye area, from suspicious websites and unauthorized retailers.

Counterfeiting is a crime that hurts businesses and jeopardises jobs.


  • Only purchase GrandeLASH™-MD and other Grande Cosmetics Products from authorized re-sellers, salons, spas and beauty stores.
  • If price seems too good to be true, most-likely it is a counterfeit product.
  • Always use a credit card or secure online payment system.
  • Be suspicious of websites that do not provide contact information, such as a street address and working phone number.
  • Be cautious of websites with: Inaccurate grammar, misspellings, punctuation errors, and nonsensical sentences throughout its site.
  • We are here to answers your questions and concerns, please call us at +27 787 419 554.

Other Brands

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for items that were not purchased from My Cherry Blossom Beauty.  If you are unsure whether they are a reseller then please contact us at +27 787 419 554.